Hey #6weeks2burn Challengers! It’s week 5 and in keeping with this week’s #burngotime theme you get not ONE but TWO at home workouts to do!You have been putting in a lot of work these past five weeks and it’s time to recommit to your goals and remember why you started this challenge in the first place! I want you to finish this challenge feeling strong and proud of all your hard work!

This video is a high intensity combination of squat hops, push ups, plank exercises, and jumping jacks. Do it in combination with Aurora’s video or do it alone. You can run through it 1-3x depending on how much time you have.

The breakdown is 1 minute squat hops, 30 second push ups, 30 second plank exercise, and 30 seconds of jumping jacks. After each set of jumping jacks give yourself a 10-30 second water break and get right back on those squat hops! Don’t be afraid to take the hops out and make the jacks low impact if you need to. NO EXCUSES!

You guys are truly rocking the shit out of this challenge. Please check in with me in class – I am here for you during this challenge and every other day of the year!


To check out Aurora’s video click hereĀ 

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