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The temperature is rising and summer is fast approaching. Whether we plan on hitting the beach or lounging around by the pool, showing off a hot summer body is on most of our wish-lists. Fitness expert and owner of Burn, Lisa Corsello, is here to provide six simple tips to turn that wish-list into a checklist. Burn, tone and sculpt your way to the beach-ready body you long for in just six weeks.

  1. Plan your meals and mealtimes

When life gets busy, most of us end up going too long between meals. When we do get a few moments to eat, we don’t always have time to make the healthiest choices and end up eating whatever and whenever we can. Going too long between meals slows metabolism and usually results in overeating. Have a big meeting coming up that might last for ages? Eat a quick snack before to avoid both an energy and metabolism crash. Planning, although it may take a bit of effort, will pay off in the end by reducing the amount of calories consumed.

Tip: If you’ll be heading out to lunch or dinner, research the restaurant’s menu beforehand to choose the healthiest option in advance.

  1. Increase your cardio:

Try to add 15-20 extra minutes of cardio to your routine to burn more calories during and after your workout. Add a few inspiring songs to your playlist and keep your heart rate up. Your body will thank you for it.

Tip: Try 3-4 different cardio machines for 5 minutes each to avoid boredom.

  1. Change your routine:

In addition to the increased cardio, try a new strength training routine. Our bodies and minds adapt to the same old exercises, so be sure to challenge yourself in new ways every other week.

Tip: If you’re used to heavy weights, grab lighter weights and work each muscle group twice as long.

  1. Get to class:

With so many new workout trends, there’s something for every fitness personality. Ask yourself what you enjoy most and search for a class that has a similar fitness philosophy.

Tip: Don’t be afraid to call and ask questions or stop by and watch a class before attending. It’s important to find something that is challenging and fun.

  1. Track your calories:

Nutrition is the most important aspect in weight loss. Keep a food journal or choose from one of hundreds of online calorie tracker sites to better understand how what you eat contributes to your weight gains and losses as well as your overall energy levels.

Tip: Be sure to include even the small handfuls of food you snack on.

  1. Cut back on the cocktails:

Planning a big night out? Committing to weight loss doesn’t necessarily mean the end of your social life. The goal is to find a way to lose weight in a healthy way, which Includes having a social life! Steer clear of high calorie cocktails and choose diet soda or diet tonic water if possible. Try to set limits for yourself as well, as hangovers tend to lead to overrating the following day.

Tip: Drink at least one full glass of water between each round of drinks to stay hydrated and to slow

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