With over 500 million active users, I am willing to bet that most of us Burn-ers are active on Instagram. I know I’ve been strategizing my Insta game since 2012 and figuring out which photos are #nofilter worthy or need a bit of the Valencia filter to spice up the shot.

I’m sure most of you follow a few athletic Instagram accounts. My favorites are Shape Magazine and Tone It Up. They usually have hilarious memes that make me crack up, and I really enjoy seeing the community Tone it Up has in supporting one another.

If you’ve been following Burn or Lisa on Instagram, you might’ve noticed the fact that Lisa has now been creating her own Instagram videos. She creates a daily Burn move, which you can do on the go. This is super helpful during the summer months when travel or kids summer camps make our schedules less flexible.

Here are 5 ways to make your Instagram more Burn-tastic!

1) Capture what’s around the studio
Burn is located in some of the most amazing areas in SF. With Irving you are close to Golden Gate Park and can capture shots of the many sites at the park. Hayes Valley you are in the mid-market tech scene. And, of course, at the Valencia studio murals depicting the current political and socioeconomic landscapes surround you. These are perfect shots to grab that “outdoorsy” yet artistic Insta.

2) Post a Before and After Burn
With tools like Layout, which are native to Instagram, you can show your progress at Burn using a before and after post. I saw a lot of these posts during Summer of Strength. Cool way to see all the hard work everyone is doing at Burn.

3) Create Your Own Video
I am really into Boomerang lately. It’s a really fun way to capture video that creates a different viewpoint on a typical experience. I’d love to see people try creating a Boomerang when doing a Burpee on Instagram.

4) Rock Your Athleisure Outfit
Did you guys hear how Miss Teen USA banned the swimsuit portion and now is highlighting athleisure instead? Super awesome. Follow in that trend by Insta’ing your new kicks or workout pants. Flat lay is probably the best way to go with this trend.

5) In the studio with friends!
Burn is always fun with friends. Whether ones you bring to the studio or the friends you make while working out. Capture a cute pic (usually before you work out looking less sweaty) to show your Insta followers how you’re keeping fit and active. Now that you know the best ways to capture Burn in your Insta — make sure to #BurnPilates with your pics. Can’t wait to see them all!

-Kate Talbot


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