Holiday season is in full swing. The storefronts are magically decorated, holiday parties are calendared in, and lots of eggnog and cheer. Generally, this isn’t the best time of year to focus on fitness. When it’s much easier to stay warm cuddling on the couch watching Elf or indulging in decadent food and drinks, thinking about putting on fitness clothes and making it to the studio might be last on your list. But, working out might be the best thing to happen this season. In fact, working out decreases your stress levels, and we all know this is a hectic time.

Here are a couple of ways to keep motivated during the holiday season:
• Book your classes before the start of the week: If you commit to fitting Burn into your schedule then you already made the first step to staying healthy.
• Grab a friend: Having a workout buddy keeps you motivated and accountable.
• Enjoy but don’t indulge: Everything in moderation! Enjoy the tasty treats but don’t go overboard.
• Set goals: Maybe it’s making it 3x a week to Burn or it’s adding a yoga practice to your fitness regime. Adding goals keeps you focused.
• Keep evaluating yourself: Whether you use a fitness tracker or take selfies in the mirror, stay on-top of your caloric intake and exercise goals.

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Happy Holidays!

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