12 things about Kerry CarmichaelKerrry Carmichael

  1. I love going to the beach even on gloomy days
  2. I was born in Scotland and moved to California when I was seven
  3. Working out is my favorite past time
  4. I have six tattoos
  5. I am currently pursuing my undergraduate degree in Kinesiology at SFSU
  6. I am always trying to find new things to incorporate into my workouts
  7. Running is my favorite way to end the day
  8. I love science and learning more and more about it everyday
  9. Blue is my favorite color
  10. My favorite sport to play is soccer I have been playing for 16 years
  11. In high school I was on the track team and I ran hurdles
  12. I tend to have a more sarcastic humor…so enjoy 🙂

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