1. I am getting my M.S. degree in Exercise Physiology from SFSU.
  2. My favorite off the wall snack is a slice of cheese with a slather of peanut butter on top!
  3. I went to six colleges in three different states to get my undergraduate degree.
  4. I have run six half marathons and am doing my first full marathon in July.
  5. I love classic rock – my favorites are Tom Petty, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd (I am from the Midwest, would you expect anything less 😉
  6. If the water is deep enough you better believe I will be cliff jumping and doing back flips into the water!
  7. I went bungy jumping when I was 10 years old and sky-diving when I was 29.
  8. I cry at commercials
  9. I have deemed 2014 to be The Year of NICE!
  10. I have a thing for black animals – I have a black cat named Rio and a black border collie mix named Boogaloo.
  11. I come from a large family – in total I have 7 siblings.
  12. In my family we have a girls club named The Betty’s and my nickname is Boss Betty and Barbell Betty!

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