12. I had terrible asthma when I was a kid and through high school, but it went away in college once I started exercising regularly!

11. Eating is just about my favorite thing ever. I love it so much that my boyfriend made me a scrap book of all the “food adventures” we’ve had this year.

10. Despite number 11 I can’t cook at all, I’ve even failed at boiling water. Badly.

9. Even though the space under my bed is full of storage bins I sometimes have to launch myself in from across the room to avoid the boogy man under there.

8. Every time I get into or out of a chair I think about squats.

7. My brothers and I watched “The Blues Brothers” over and over as kids, I’m still trying to figure out how to get “Minny the Moocher” to work for a Burn playlist.

6. Pie.

5. Cheese.

4. Brunch.

3. Number four includes “breakfast mojitos,” don’t judge me.

2. My car and purse both always have snacks, my jacket pockets always have tissues.

1. I used to be so shy that I’d blush if someone said hello, thankfully that went away in college too.

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