– My legal name until I was 16 was Baby #2.

– I grew up a total country mouse in Cambria, CA, beautiful but oh so small.

– I moved to San Francisco when I was 17.

– I attended San Francisco State University and double majored in Psychology and Fine Art.

– I am a ceramicist!

– My favorite place (so far) is Yosemite.

– I love all things rose — the flower, the flavor, and the scent.

– Exercise is probably my favorite past time/hobby? Way of life!  I also have a secret domestic side and love cooking, crafting, and arranging flowers.

– My next big life goal is to learn to speak Spanish.

– I want to spread my extreme enthusiasm about exercise and health to children and young adults — can you see me as a P.E. or Home Ec teacher? 🙂

– My #1 weakness is gummy candy; Haribo is my brand of choice — gummy dinosaurs my absolute favorite! #2 weakness is Lululemon.

– I’m the most fit, confident, and content I’ve ever been at 29. Thanks Burn!

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