What is Burn?

Since 2009 we have been challenging our clients with a revolutionary and highly effective workout. Our unique Method draws upon the very best aspects of Pilates, Cardio and Strength Training to create a body sculpting, heart-pumping 55-minute workout.


How often should I attend class to see results?

We recommend committing to 2-3 classes/week for at least 6-8 weeks. Joseph Pilates put it best when he said: “In 10 sessions, you will feel the difference. In 20, you will see the difference. And in 30, you’ll be on your way to having a whole new body.

Can classes help me with injury prevention and/or rehabilitation?

Yes. Each instructor is able to modify exercises to fit your needs, check your alignment, and work with you to provide a challenging yet safe workout that works for your body and meets your needs. Be sure to arrive a few minutes early to discuss your needs with your instructor before class begins.

Can I attend Burn classes while pregnant?

Yes. Burn provides an amazing prenatal workout. Pilates and strength training exercises are safe and effective ways to continue to train your body throughout your pregnancy. Springs and weights can be adjusted to work with your changing needs throughout each trimester of your pregnancy. Our instructors will provide alternative exercises during core work segments, work with you to find a low-impact cardio options, and modify any other movements. Many pregnant clients have successfully attended Burn, with their doctor’s permission of course, throughout and after their pregnancy.

What should I wear or bring to a Burn class?

Comfortable workout clothes and socks. We’ll provide towels, water, and lots of motivation.

Should I be a certain fitness level or age in order to attend classes?

Absolutely not. All of our equipment and exercises can be modified to suit you and your needs. We believe that there are many ways to challenge your body, and we’ll help you find something that feels right for you. Many Burn clients have issues which prevent them from high-impact movements. We have developed many low-impact exercises that will challenge and engage the heart and body.

How does the class dynamic work?

Classes are taught by experienced professionals who bring enthusiasm, passion, and creativity to each class. With no more than 14 participants per class at our Valencia Street studio, 18 at our Market Street studio, 17 at our Irving Street studio and 16 at our Broadway studio, we’re able to individualize exercises in order to challenge everyone- from beginners to endurance athletes to those looking to lose weight and develop a more toned physique. Your workout should evolve with you, which is why our equipment and exercises can be modified to provide various levels of resistance as your fitness level increases and you get stronger.

Do you have lockers, showers, and changing rooms?

We have changing rooms at all of our studios, cubbies at Valencia, Broadway and Irving and lockers at our Market St and Oakland studios.  Our Oakland studio also has showers.

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