Please welcome our new SF instructor Kate Loughlin!

Kate helps people transform their lives through fitness and nutrition as a certified holistic health coach and wellness consultant. Her love of fitness began in college and has only grown through her training and coaching practice. She believes that small, manageable changes lead to lifelong results and that fitness should be fun!

Fun Facts:
– Hometown: Orinda, C.A.
– Favorite TV Show or Movie: Law & Order.
– Favorite Food: Guacamole.
– Favorite Stretch: Figure 4.
– Favorite Cardio Move: Squat hops.
– Favorite Restaurant: Limon Rotisserie.
– Favorite Ab Exercise: Russian twists.
– Favorite Workout Music: 90s hip hop.

 Come take a class with Kate in SF:
– Mondays 6/7am, Market. (Starting Feb 29th)
– Wednesdays 6/7/8:30am, Broadway. (Starting March 2)
– Thursdays 5/6/7pm, Irving. (Starting March 24th)
– Sundays 10:30/11:30am, Irving. (Starting Feb 28th)

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  • Melissa Aguilar

    I thought your workout was great and I am so motivated to keep going . It’s interesting I was feeling sore the next day but after two days I wanted to feel the burn again. I will continue because I can do it. Motivation is the key and Burn Pilates is my routine. 🙂

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