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Meet Your Personal Trainers

Katrina Baccetti

Build strength, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, and body awareness through conscious breath and movement

Born and raised in San Francisco, California, Katrina is an enthusiastic vinyasa yoga and pilates instructor. Katrina earned her 200-hour yoga teaching certification at Sampoorna Yoga School, located in Goa, India. A dedicated student of traditional Mysore-style Ashtanga yoga, Katrina believes that yoga is a powerful and internal practice that strengthens the physical body and the mind. Katrina has worked with an extensive amount of strength and endurance training exercises as a former collegiate volleyball athlete. Katrina’s training sessions emphasize coordinated breath and movement as a means to build strength, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, and body awareness. If you decide to train with Katrina, she will design a training program that is challenging, personalized, and most importantly enjoyable and effective! Get one step closer to your fitness goals–book a session with Katrina today and find your bliss through conscious breath and movement.

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Training Level 2: Elite Trainer
Available for training at Broadway, Market, & Irving.

Lizbeth Basila

Targeting the Heart, muscles and core for a Stronger You

A Senior Burn Instructor and Fitness and Training Manager, Liz has been teaching at Burn for 3 years and training private clients since 2011. Having experienced her own personal struggles of maintaining a healthy lifestyle inside & out, Liz wants to help those who want to build a stronger body and mind. Her overall favorite is a total body workout, implementing functional movements to help clients in their daily life by targeting the heart, muscles & core. Liz will focus on constant movement with 1:1 personal attention to prevent injuries and build a stronger YOU!

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Training Level 3: Master Trainer
Locations: Available for training at Valencia, Irving & Market

Jessica Chernicki

Challenging and Motivating Sessions as Unique as the people she trains

Jessica is a passionate and dynamic trainer whose love for fitness and movement developed in her early childhood. After studying Jazz and Ballet for 12 years, Jessica went on to to earn her BA in Theater from the University of California Santa Barbara. Upon graduating, Jessica worked as a professional dance instructor, performing and teaching middle eastern dance throughout California and Hawaii. Today she devotes her time to teaching Pilates at Burn, running, and preparing for competitions with her Oakland-based aerial arts dance team. Jessica specializes in flexibility training, strength conditioning, corrective exercise, interval training for endurance, and nutritional guidance. Using a variety of proven methods and techniques, she develops challenging and motivating programs that are as unique as the people she trains.

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Training Level 1: Pro Trainer
Available for training at Irving, Broadway & Oakland

Adrienne Herr-Paul

Flexibility and Strength

Adrienne has been part of the Burn Team for 2 years and has been teaching privately for 3. She comes from a diverse background of movement styles, including many forms of dance, martial arts and yoga. The common thread throughout her training has been finding the delicate balance between flexibility and strength. An inflexible muscle, while it may appear to be strong, will be more prone to injuries; while at the same time a flexible muscle that lacks strength could lead to over stretching and may diminish flexibility over time. During a private session with Adrienne she will address these concerns and help build balance within the body by using techniques from pilates, yoga, martial arts and more.

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Training Level 2: Elite Trainer
Available for training at Broadway

Gabriela Curbelo

Embrace your strength and become your best self

Gabriela grew up in an incredibly active home and has always had a love for all things related to health and fitness. She played competitive and professional soccer in college, continues to play now in Berkeley, runs, lifts weights, and loves teaching both yoga and pilates. She is a 200-hour registered Vinyasa Yoga Teacher trained in NYC and has thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the Burn family. Gabriela specializes in designing highly unique and specific training plans that focus on your goals with attention to holistic health and balancing strength and flexibility. She loves trying new exercises and making the sessions both fun and challenging! She encourages clients to find their edge by listening to their body, discovering new depths of ability, and finding strength within themselves.

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Training Level 1: Pro Trainer
Available for training at Oakland